Where to Order Custom Yoga mats

Many people nowadays use yoga and Pilates to stay fit and relax. People enjoy these exercises because they benefit their overall mind, soul, and body. So, if you haven’t started doing yoga or Pilates yet, you’re missing out. Aside from showing up for classes, the most important thing is to find a good mat. People who walk into a store, pick up and pay for a random yoga mat end up regretting their decision. It can seem small, but yoga mats also affect your Pilates and yoga sessions. There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing a yoga mat.


A yoga mat should suit your body type, preferences, and level of experience. A beginner will not use the same mat as an expert in yoga or an intermediary. A beginner will use a thicker mat, and the mat’s thickness decreases as the person becomes an expert. An expert will need a thinner mat because they know how to balance their weight on the pressure points. Your weight is an essential factor to consider. People who weigh more will require thicker mats to avoid sore joints because they subject their joints to more pressure than those who weigh less.

Finally, consider your personal preferences and the effectiveness of a yoga mat. What kind of material are you looking for? Mats made of PVC, rubber, no-rubber, latex-free, or cork? It would help if you also thought about the colors and patterns you want. There is no better way to find the ideal yoga mat than to make your own. That is why you should go to the following websites to personalize your yoga and Pilates mat.



Are you looking to create a yoga mat to customize the color and pattern easily? Cool Bedding is a brand that sells its products on Amazon, where you can customize the color and name printed on the surface. Before you get to picking, you should know that the product contains 90% rubber and 10% polyester. The material makes it easy for you to handle the mat because it is light in weight. You can easily do your exercises without slipping and falling. The rubber has good friction that allows the carpet to stay in play when you are working out. It also prevents your hands and feet from slipping. The rubber also absorbs your sweat, reducing slipping and making it easy for you to wipe off when cleaning.


Many brands offer customizing options, but they forget to include options for kids. Years  is a polyester mat that is high quality and comes in different sizes depending on gender and age. The brand offers different sizes of products for men and women. Kids also get a size that is extra thick for comfortability. The product also comes with straps and is lightweight, making it easier to carry for both genders and kids.

When customizing with Years, they advise people to bring images higher than 1 MB for you to get a quality print. You can also pick your favorite color.


It is easy to start a retail or online store to sell exercise, Pilates, and yoga mats. This company offers individuals the option to buy a huge roll and cut the mats into smaller sizes. Therefore, if you are looking for a good mats source, then consider YogaAccessories. Both tall and shorter people can find a mat that comfortably fits them. A person also has the advantage of customizing the length of a mat.


If you check the site Alibaba, you will find various options for yoga mats that you can customize. Many manufacturers and retailers give you the option of choosing prints, writing colors, lengths, and thickness. You can customize anything on this website, including towels, bags, straps, and mats, among others. The tricky part is finding a trustworthy source.

You can talk to a manufacturer or supplier to customize and sell you a sample. However, you can only shop in bulk when you are on Alibaba. There is a limit to the minimum number of products you can purchase from each vendor. If you are looking for a business idea, you can start by importing products from Alibaba and selling them in your store.

5. Yoga Direct

Are you looking to open a studio or retail store? YogaDirect is a company that offers customized printing of mats, bags, blocks, straps, towels, t-shirts, and water bottles. With this brand, you can customize every product detail. You can choose an idea of a print that you want on the item. However, each product has a limit on the size of the print. You can also choose various colors for your items, but you can only choose three colors for a single product. Besides, you can only choose solid colors because they don’t have the option of printing gradients and color percentages.

Clients can choose either a vector artwork or a logo to print on their items. The vector artwork should also be in AI, SVG, or EPS format. The company also advises people to take care of their products by washing them with non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaning solutions. The good thing about this company is that you can call and request a sample of their printed product, and they will send it to you.


Are you tired of making your designs? You can find an artist on Society6 to help you create a unique art piece on your mat. Society6 can customize your drawing at a fee. On the other hand, you can choose to be the artist that creates unique designs on the mats while Society6 sells the mats to their customers.

Society6 offers various types of designs and patterns like vintage, digital, abstract, nature, graphic design, painting, modern, and drawings. Both artists and customers enjoy the freedom of using and having various colors on their products. Besides, you can customize mats, towels, and water bottles.

Finally, we have seen some stores where you can get customized yoga mats and other items. But, the list doesn’t stop there. There are many other stores on Google Search Engine to order individual or bulk items for resale. However, be wary of fraudsters trying to scam people and hackers trying to steal your data. To be on the safe side, you can start shopping on the sites mentioned above. Then get ready to rock your yoga sessions in style.