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And plans to keep it off!

She's lost 40 LBS

OPTION 1: The REVOLT Monthly Program

You'd like to lose 15 lbs or more. You're looking for a long term solution where you lose about 1-2 lbs per week.

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OPTION 2: The REVOLT Boot Camp

You'd like to lose 10-25 lbs. You're looking for accelerated results, and are willing to endure an intense program to reach your goal in 8 weeks.

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“Nichole is an amazing person to have as a trainer if you are lucky enough to be able to fit into her schedule. She is a mother of four who has spent years learning everything she can about fitness and body transformation. She has totally experienced the transformation herself and has a unique ability to make fitness fit into anyone’s schedule. She loves fitness and loves seeing people succeed. I can’t think of anyone better to use as a personal trainer, regardless of what your fitness goals might be.” Adam Legas


“I have a 4 year old boy, a 2 year old little girl and a 6 moth old little boy. I am so busy, only taking 45 minutes a day to hit the pavement just to get out of the house for some peace and quiet. The reason I love this so much is because Nichole has made it so simple. Eat this-do these workouts…and the positive interaction kept me going. The interaction itself was what I needed. Posting a picture every week definitely kept me from licking the peanut butter off the knife as I made sandwiches for the kids, and dipping my spoon in the icing for a little sugar fix. I have enjoyed planning a trip out, and making sure that I had a meal/snack to take with me. I NEVER go anywhere without my kids snacks; I now have to think about myself as well. This is exactly what I needed! This has been quite the accountability partner I have needed.” Merilee Giles Reagan


“I was searching for a plan. That was easy to understand, that I was able to actually stick to, and most importantly that worked. I love how the group and Nichole Huntsman are so helpful in everything. This plan helped me get back on track with eating healthy and my routine in my work outs. I’m sure Revolt will take me to another level in my fitness and work out routines.”Linda Soto



The REVOLT Monthly Program

Are you looking for a simple to follow monthly FAT-LOSS program?  Then the REVOLT Monthly Program is a good fit for you!

Each month you will receive access to a 4-week program designed by your coach Nichole Huntsman, NASM-CPT.  Includes

  • 50-Page Getting Started Guide
  • Monthly Meal Plan: 6-calories levels, for men & women
  • Monthly Body Sculpting Workout Program
  • Full-length workout videos that go with the program
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group



Are you looking for an INTENSE kick start for your fat loss goals?

A powerful and semi-private program.  Take fitness and fat-loss to a whole new level.

  • 20 Minute Private Consultation with your trainer, Nichole Huntsman NASM-CPT
  • Getting Started Guide
  • 60 Days of Precise, Fat-Melting Meal Plans
  • 60 Days of Body Sculpting Workouts
  • Full-length workout videos that go with each workout
  • Access to our Private BOOT CAMP ONLY Facebook Group


“I wanted to prove to myself I could do anything despite my challenges day to day and this was just the challenge I needed. I feel so great!!!! Thank you Nichole!” Claudia Slagowski


“I’m pretty fit, but as a fitness instructor, my body gets less responsive to my workouts. I wanted to kick my routine up a notch, try new workouts (when I could squeeze them in), and see if I could get leaner & meaner I modified the meal plans a bit to fit my body’s preferences & incorporated the Sevens & other more advanced ab exercises & really saw a difference in how I looked & felt. I also added the CLA. I feel like this is just the beginning of my new physique.” Christy Rabino Stevenson


“I thought about starting this program for a while. When I finally did, I realized the workouts were amazing and challenging, and I loved that!! Tis has truly tested my capabilities. Its helping me realize that anything is possible. It’s about not giving up and doing that one last rep even if your legs are going to fall off or you think you’re going to throw up!” Krista Yardley Ward


“For me I didn’t want to settle any more for mediocrity…that this was smoethig i was just goin to have to settle with…it was about, finally having the guts to change something that seemed so impossible to change but having the courage to face it. I’m so glad I was invited. I’m only 4 days into it but I can see that there is something special underneath all the fat. Thanks Nicole for sharing your lifes 10 yr struggle with weight. It makes it seem more of an obtainable goal than ever before!:)” Josalyn Watson